glass blowing workshop one of the artsy things to do in Kawartha Lakes

7 artsy things to do in Kawartha Lakes

The burgeoning art scene in the region means there are many artsy things to do in the Kawartha Lakes to get your creative fix.

For example, you could sign up for an art course or workshop.

Here’s just a sample of the types of art you can explore and develop your skills in.

1. Glass Art Course

Bring personal narratives to life through the medium of glass.

Glass art is a versatile and visually stunning art form.

Sign up for this activity to do in the Kawartha Lakes and you’ll gain insights into the properties of glass, learning about transparency, color play, and the interplay of light.

Plus, you’ll learn to use specialized tools, from precision cutters to kilns, to bring your creation to life.

Where: The Art School of Peterborough or Selwyn Glassworks

2. Learn to Paint Classes

Painting provides a powerful means of expressing your emotions, perspectives, and narratives on canvas. It’s also very therapeutic, allowing you to unwind and relax.

Beginner or someone who is looking to enhance their skills?

Painting courses or workshops offer a structured way to learn about canvases, brushes, paints and techniques.

Where: The Art School of Peterborough

3. Pottery Workshop

Pottery offers a tactile experience, allowing you to shape and mold malleable clay into functional or decorative pieces.

Working with clay engages the senses, providing a hands-on experience that is both meditative and fulfilling.

Take this artsy thing to do in the Kawartha Lakes and you’ll discover everything you need to know about pottery making.

From how to select the right clay, and use the pottery wheel and carving tools to applying glazes and how a kiln brings your piece to its final, polished state.

Where: Kawartha Potters Guild

4. Gourd Art Workshop

Gourd art provides a one-of-a-kind means for artistic expression, with the irregular shapes of dried gourds serving as your canvas.

Utilizing dried gourds is also an eco-friendly practice, because you’ll be turning natural, biodegradable materials into art.

Attend this workshop and you’ll be taught the foundations of gourd art.

Learn how to prepare dried gourds and use carving tools, paints and sealants to create an unconventional piece of art.

Where: The Artisans Centre Peterborough

5. Woodturning Workshop

Transform raw wood into functional, beautiful items such as bowls and utensils.

Try this art form in the Kawartha Lakes and you’ll connect with the rich tradition of woodworking.

Following age-old practices, you’ll master the art of woodturning.

From shaping wood on a lathe and work with tools such as chisels, gouges and sandpaper to bring your wood-turned creation to its fruition.

Where: The Artisans Centre Peterborough

6. Glass Blowing Workshop

Glass blowing will connect you to an ancient and dynamic art form.

Each piece created is unique, bearing the mark of the artist’s creativity and the fluid nature of molten glass.

Sign up for a glass blowing workshop.

Gain an understanding of the physics, artistry and tools involved in manipulating glass, from the initial gather to the final shape.

Where: Artech Glass Blowing Studios

7. Canoe Paddle Carving Workshop

A canoe paddle carving workshop allows you to merge artistic expression with the creation of a functional, usable item.

It will also foster an appreciation for traditional crafts, linking you to the heritage of canoeing.

Sign up for this unique artsy activity to do in the Kawartha Lakes.

Learn about the selection of wood blanks, carving tools, and the step-by-step process required to shape and finish a canoe paddle.

Where: The Canadian Canoe Museum

So many artsy things to do in the Kawartha Lakes

No matter what your level of creativity, the Kawartha Lakes provides a rich tapestry of artistic journeys to explore.

Embrace the opportunity to express yourself, learn new skills, and connect with the cultural and historical significance of various art forms.

Get creative in the Kawarthas. Sign up for an art workshop today.

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