custom pet portraits on glass

Pay tribute to your pet with a custom portrait on glass

Becoming a painter of custom pet portraits on glass wasn’t something Georgine Ciulla, owner of Georgeygirl Art Shop & Gallery in Buckhorn, Ontario, had set out to do.

“I just wanted to do something memorable for a friend who had just lost her puppy,” recalls Georgine Ciulla. “So I painted a portrait of her pet on a wine glass.”

Four years later, Georgine has painted over 300 custom pet portraits on glass for clients throughout the Kawartha Lakes region and beyond.

Often they are purchased as gifts for family members at Christmastime or to show sympathy for a friend whose pet has passed.

“People love their family pets…period,” says Georgine. “They want to honour or memorialize them in some way and a custom pet portrait on glass is a great way to do that.”

For Georgine Ciulla the greatest reward is when customers see their custom pet portrait for the first time.

“Excitement, tears, speechlessness, happiness—these are just some of the customer reactions that have made my day.”

Many options for a pet portrait painting

The possibilities for the sort of glass a custom pet portrait can be painted on are almost endless.

“I can paint on wine glasses, beer steins, coffee mugs, vases–virtually any type or style of glass,” says Georgine Ciulla.

And it doesn’t matter what type of pet either.

“Besides dogs, cats and horses, I have painted pet portraits of birds, lizards, fish, donkeys, cows and more,” says Georgine Ciulla. “I always love a challenge and all varieties of pets are amazingly beautiful.”

How a custom pet portrait is produced

Creating a custom pet portrait on glass is a little different than painting on other materials.

First, to prepare the surface, the glass must be washed in hot water, cleansed with an alcohol rinse and then air dried.

The paint used is specifically formulated for use on glass.

To do the actual painting, Georgine Ciulla follows the same process each time.

“Tackling a custom pet portrait on glass involves many layers of paint to create the final look. I start with the overall background colour of the fur and then work on the eyes, nose and mouth.”

When the portrait on glass is complete, it is baked and sealed to protect and preserve the paint for long lasting beauty.

The time it takes to paint a custom pet portrait on glass varies depending on the species of pet and the photo provided for reference.

“Some pets can be painted within an hour,” says Georgine Ciulla. “Others require my full, all-nighter attention! I don’t stop until I have captured their sweetness and personality with paint and brush.”

Artwork that’s meant to be admired and used

While Georgine Ciulla’s custom pet portraits on glass are works of art, they are also meant to be working, functional items.

“My glasses are completely useable. I tell all my customers to make sure they use them regularly.”

However, to ensure a brand-new look, a custom pet portrait on glass should always be hand washed.

An unwavering passion for custom pet portraits on glass

Despite having painted over 300 custom pet portraits on glass, Georgine Ciulla still approaches each one with the same care and appreciation.

“It’s an honour to spend time doing it right because it’s a beloved member of someone’s family.”

To speak to Georgine Ciulla about a custom pet portrait on glass contact her at 905-375-5354 or, message her on Instagram or drop by her Georgeygirl Art Shop & Gallery at 1917 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn, Ontario.

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