The little story behind Buckhorn’s giant red Muskoka chair

Looking for a spot to kick-back and enjoy the waterfront view of Upper Buckhorn Lake by Lock 31 of the Trent-Severn Waterway?

Make a beeline for the giant red Muskoka chair located in Buckhorn’s Ode Naang Park in the centre of the hamlet.

Standing 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, it’s the perfect seat for posing for a selfie,…

…sitting and enjoying a treat from Mariloo’s Ice Cream & Milkshakes

…or snuggling with a special someone while watching the boats come and go through the locks.

Where the idea for the giant red Muskoka chair came from

The giant red Muskoka chair, or “Kawartha” chair as the locals like to call it, was the brainchild of Christine Brickman. She was on the Trent Lakes Economic Development Committee for two terms.

“I had seen chairs like this quite a bit during my travels in Canada, the US and the Caribbean. They always brought a smile to peoples’ faces. That’s what inspired me to bring up the idea with the Committee.”

In March 2021 the council for the Municipality of Trent Lakes gave approval for the chair initiative to proceed.

After calling several suppliers, Taylor Plastics in Bailieboro, Ontario was selected to design and manufacture two chairs—one for Buckhorn and one for Crystal Lake.

Although the chairs were approved in March 2021…

…it wasn’t until approximately a year later that the chairs first appeared.

“The owner of Taylor Plastics and his entire staff got Covid,” explains Christine Brickman. “They had to shut down their facility for about a year.”

Consequently the build of the chairs was delayed until May 2022.

A few facts about the giant red Muskoka chair

-Cost to build the chair was $700 + HST.

-Manufactured from premium recycled plastic lumber.

-Sits in Old Naang Park from approximately mid-May until the end of September.

-Stored during the winter to prevent potential damage from the winter elements.

It’s a chair and a conversation piece

Since the installation of the giant red Muskoka chair in Old Naang Park in Buckhorn, Christine Brickman has been back to check on it from time to time.

“Every visit I meet someone really interesting,” says Christine Brickman.

“One time it was a man who had grown up in Buckhorn but hadn’t been back in years. When he saw the chair he said, ‘Wow!’, and asked me to take a picture of him in it.”

Another time it was a woman. She had a similar story.

“I told her the history of the park and the chair,” recalls Christine Brinkman.

“She told me about things that had happened to her in her life since she had left Buckhorn. When we were done our chat she reached over and gave me a warm hug.”

Did you know?

The giant red Muskoka chair is just one of the points of interest you can discover by taking the self-guided Ultimate Buckhorn Tour.