local craft beers produced by Kawartha Lakes breweries

Go on a Kawartha Lakes breweries adventure

Part of the fun of being a craft beer afficionado is being daring and trying something different.

Here in the region, if you google “craft brewery near me”, you’re never far from a Kawartha Lakes brewery that’s producing beers with a twist.

Plus, being craft breweries they always have a batch of limited time, specially brewed seasonal beers on tap that you won’t find in your local Beer Store or LCBO.

So, dare to be different. Let’s go on a Kawartha Lakes breweries adventure and discover some new tastes!

Kawartha Lakes breweries in the west

Stop #1: Pie Eyed Monk Brewery

Location: 8 Cambridge Street, North, Lindsay, Ontario

The Pie Eyed Monk brewery is located in one of the most historic buildings in Lindsay, Ontario—the C.L. Baker building which was constructed in 1868.

During its lifetime this over 150-year-old building has served as a personal residence, granary, pool hall, dance studio, gym and even apartments. In 2018 it was renovated and re-opened as the Pie Eyed Monk brewery and restaurant.

This is a great spot to stop for a bite to eat and try a hazy beer which, just as it sounds, is hazy in appearance.

Hazy beers look this way because they are made with grains that have a higher protein content, like oats and wheat.

The hazy beer on tap at the Pie Eyed Monk is their Hazy Hot Rod NEIPA (New England-style IPA). Enjoy.

Kawartha Lakes breweries in the north

Stop #2: Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.

Location: 4 May Street, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

The Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. is another Kawartha Lakes brewery that set up its operations in a landmark building—this one being over 200 years old. For over six decades it was home to a blacksmith shop.

In 2017 the Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. opened its doors here as a brewery and restaurant.

This local brewery has won many awards for its craft beers and has a passion for creating truly unique flavour profiles.

A few suggestions to take home in your Kawartha Lakes Breweries Adventure kit are their:

  • Farmhouse Saison, an effervescent Belgian-style pale ale brewed from a rediscovered Norwegian Kveik yeast to deliver a broad, fruity aroma and a sharp, clean finish.
  • Belgian Tripel, a traditional strong Belgian style brew with sweet, spice, and earthiness and a lifting mouthfeel sensation.

Stop #3: Old Dog Brewing Company

Location: 30 King Street East, Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Old Dog Brewing Company definitely has a thing for canines as all of the beers produced by this Kawartha Lakes brewery have dog-themed names.

What really gets their tails wagging at Old Dog Brewing Company is creating new brews.

This local brewery is always experimenting with recipes and when they’ve got something they like, they sell canned test batches of it in their retail store.

Bring home one or two of these test batch beers or pick up something from their regular craft beer line up like a:

  • Yellow Lab Lager, a lager that is light, refreshing and sessionable with subtle hints of cracker, floral and citrus.
  • Single Malt Scottie Ale, a Scottish ale simply made with a single malt and small amounts of roasted barley creating deliciously subtle nutty, toasty and caramel notes.

Stop #4: Boshkung Brewing

Location: Highways 35 & 18, Carnarvon, Ontario

Technically Boshkung Brewing is just outside of the Kawartha Lakes region but it’s so close by you should include it in your Kawartha Lakes breweries adventure.

Boshkung Brewing creates their regular lineup of beers plus seasonal craft beers throughout the year. For example, if you’re timing is right you’ll be able to pick up their King Kung Imperial Stout.

Many of the beers at this brewery are a reflection of cottage life. So, what should you add to your craft beer collection? May we suggest:

  • 35&118 Cream Ale, their Canadian Brewing Awards gold-medal-winning beer.
  • Haliburton Amber Lager, with 6 different malts and 3 varieties of hops which give it a beautiful amber hue and a citrus pine-like aroma.

Kawartha Lakes breweries in the south

Stop #5: Bobcaygeon Brewing Company

Location: 649 The Parkway, Unit 4, Peterborough, Ontario

You would think Bobcaygeon Brewing Company would be located in Bobcaygeon. At the time of this writing it was not. They plan to be though with renovations well underway on their future home, the old post office in Bobcaygeon. For now, this Kawartha Lakes brewery is situated in Peterborough where they have a tap room and an “innovation lab” set up.

Establish in 2017, the Bobcaygeon Brewing Company has been a prolific Kawartha Lakes brewery.

They boast over 16 varieties on their menu, and as their innovation lab suggests they’re always experimenting and adding new products to their lineup as well as seasonal beers. If you’re stopping by in the Fall, you should snap up a can of their Pumpkin Spice Latte.

A few other names that will satisfy your desire for an adventurous taste experience are their:

  • Houseboat Hefeweizen, a German style wheat beer that has notes of banana and clove, with a refreshing, full bodied wheat finish.
  • Stargazer, Black Rye IPA. Features notes of coffee, dark chocolate and chestnuts perfectly contrasted by hop bitterness and rye spiciness.

Stop #6: The Publican House Brewery

Location: 300 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, Ontario

The Publican House Brewery is a multi-award winning Kawartha Lakes brewery and brew pub.

A mainstay in the world of craft breweries since 2008, the Publican House Brewery produces 7 distinctive styles of beer.

Throughout the year they augment their regular menu with seasonal beers, so whenever you visit, you have the opportunity to discover a new taste.

Like most local breweries, the Publican House Brewery is committed to the community. Here are a few brews to add to your adventure pack that will not only please your palate but also your sense of giving back.

  • Our Pet Pilsner, when you purchase this crisp, clean German-style Pilsner, you’ll be supporting Our Pet Project, the campaign to build the new Peterborough Animal Care Centre.
  • Paddler’s Ale, a refreshing ale with a hint of citrus and coarse filtered for a unique flavor experience. A portion of every can sold supports Peterborough’s Canadian Canoe Museum.

Stop #7: Haven Brewing Company

Location: 687 Rye St Unit 6, Peterborough, Ontario

The Haven Brewing Company is a Kawartha Lakes brewery that specializes in producing traditional German, Belgian and Czech beers.

These beers are created using recipes that are based on styles that have existed for the past 500 years; old world brews like Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen and Kellerbier.

So, take your taste buds on an adventure to the old country via the Haven Brewing Company. To get you started, here are a few suggestions from the roster to bring home to your bar fridge:

  • Schwarzbier, a black lager infused with the rich essence of roasted German malts. Dark in appearance yet surprisingly easy drinking.
  • Dunkelweizen, a dark and revitalizing ale rooted in wheat. Features a blend of maltiness, spiciness, and fruity notes, all shrouded in its natural, inviting cloudiness.

Stop #8: 100 Acre Brewing Company

Location: 390 Ashburnham Drive, Peterborough, Ontario

The 100 Acre Brewing Company is unique from all the rest of the Kawartha Lakes breweries on our list because it’s a farmhouse brewery situated on an actual 100-acre homestead.

Stop by and escape to the country. Kick back on the porch at the 100 Acre Brewing Company and sample one of their brews while drinking in the picturesque pastoral view that stretches out before you.

With the great outdoors as the setting, the owners of this local craft brewery have christened their beers with names that give a nod to nature.

Here are a couple of their local brews you could bring home for friends to enjoy when they pop in next time:

  • White Tail, has a fresh bread and pale malt aroma that compliments its noble hops’ grassy, herb characteristics.
  • Monarch, a true farmhouse beer that’s packed with flavour. Floral and earthy with hints of orchard fruit and cracked white pepper.

Kawartha Lakes breweries in the east

Stop #9: Belmont Lake Brewery

Location: 54 Fire Route 17, Havelock, Ontario

Like the Boshkung Brewery, the Belmont Lake Brewery is also just slightly outside of the Kawartha Lakes area, a little east of Peterborough, but it’s a must-visit craft brewery.

Perched on the shores of Belmont Lake, this local brewery is accessible by both vehicle and boat. In fact, if you’re paddling by you might even mistake it for a cottage.

The owners, moved to Canada from the UK in 2011. In 2015 they launched Belmont Lake Brewery which specializes in traditional English beer with a Canadian twist.

Each one of this brewery’s craft beers is named after a landmark from the area.

For your adventure take-home pack we have a couple of suggestions:

  • Mile of Memories, named for a road that leads to the east side of Belmont Lake. This beer is a ‘Special’ bitter with a warm amber colour that leaves hints of toffee on the tongue.
  • Black Bear, a chocolate stout which delivers a full-bodied taste with moderate, sweet notes.

Enjoy your Kawartha Lakes breweries adventure

Whether you choose to visit every Kawartha Lakes brewery on this list, or just a few, the beer aficionado in you is in for a treat.

With the eclectic mix of styles and flavours out there…

…and the unexpected surprise of seasonal batches…

…discovering the local breweries of the Kawartha Lakes region is a taste adventure that you can embark on more than once.


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