people learning to sprint kayak and canoe

Learn to Olympic sprint kayak and canoe

Are you a person who paddles at the cottage or when you go camping in the Kawartha Lakes?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to paddle like the athletes who compete at the Olympics?

Find out by signing up for sprint kayak and sprint canoe lessons.

Designed for beginners to avid paddlers

Fuel your competitive spirit, get outdoors and discover the excitement of sprint kayaking and canoeing by signing up for the Masters Flatwater Program at the Peterborough Canoe & Kayak Club (PCKC).

Don’t let the name of the course fool you.

Even though it’s called the Masters Flatwater Program, the program is suitable for every skill level, including people who have just taken up paddling.

The word “Masters” just refers to the age group the program is designed for. In this case, anyone who is over the age of 25 is considered a master.

Feel the excitement of kayak and canoe racing

The Masters Flatwater Program takes place two times a week, for seven weeks on Little Lake in Peterborough.

As a participant in the Masters Flatwater Program at PCKC, you will learn how to paddle Olympic-style boats which are built for speed.

You can choose between sprint kayaks or sprint canoes.

If you can’t decide on one over the other, you can learn to paddle both.

Next, you will need to pick between paddling a one-person boat or a two-person boat.

Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can learn to paddle the PCKC’s 4-person racing kayak. All that’s required is three other people who want to give it a try.

As for the lessons themselves, each time you attend you will be on the water in your boat doing the following:

  • fine-tuning your skills
  • practicing techniques such as starts
  • learning race strategies
  • competing in mock races
  • building your fitness level

Then put your paddling to the test

By the end of the Masters Flatwater Program you will have taken your paddling abilities to the next level. You’ll also be eligible to compete in sprint kayak and canoe regattas across the province. You will even be qualified to enter yourself in the Canadian Nationals if you want too. To learn more about this fun, sociable instructional course visit the PCKC website.

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Photo Credit: PCKC