stand-up paddle board or SUP yoga session

Stretch your abilities: try stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga

Maybe you love yoga.

Or perhaps you’re a stand-up paddleboarding enthusiast.

Well here’s your chance to do both at the same time: it’s called stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga.

Where did SUP yoga come from?

Stand-up paddleboard yoga is exactly what it sounds like—yoga on a paddleboard on the water.

This form of yoga began in Hawaii around 2010 but has really taken off around the world in the last five years, including right here in the Kawartha Lakes.

How you will benefit from stand-up paddleboard yoga

Why do people enjoy practicing SUP yoga? Because it good for your body, mind and soul.

  • Core muscle strength: as you would expect, executing yoga stretches and movements on a floating paddleboard will test your balance. This will require extra effort from your core muscles which will help build strength.
  • Mental well-being: with a stand-up paddleboard yoga class you’re not taking it a studio, you’re out in nature. The sounds of birds singing and the water lapping, the scent of fresh Kawartha air, the beautiful soaring sky…all these natural elements help reduce stress and shift you into a state of relaxation and serenity.

How is SUP yoga done?

The first thing that happens at a stand-up paddleboard yoga session is the trained and certified instructor takes everyone through on-land instructions on how to use the paddleboard equipment.

Next, each participant paddles their board out into the calm water of a lake or river.

Then the stand-up paddleboard is anchored using weights. This prevents the board from floating away.

The actual yoga portion of the session begins with yoga movements done while on your knees.

The session then progresses to movements where you are supposed to stand up.

However, if you’re not comfortable standing up, you can remain on your knees and do a variation of the movements.

Do you have to be experienced at yoga and stand-up paddleboarding?

No. SUP yoga is designed for all types of participants—from beginner to experienced.

What if I don’t have my own stand-up paddleboard?

No worries. Stand-up paddleboard yoga sessions provide everything you will need to participate.

Those items include stand-up paddleboard, paddle, board anchor and life vest.

What should you wear to a stand-up paddleboard yoga session?

Even though you’re heading to a lake or river, you will be doing yoga moves. So, rather than wearing a bathing suit,…

…it is recommended that you wear the same workout gear you would wear at an indoor yoga session or shorts and a tank top.

Where can I do SUP yoga in the Kawartha Lakes area?

Here are a couple of people to contact to set up your first stand-up paddle board yoga session:

Carley Flower at Yoga Flora

Karley Stevenson at Wolf Flow SUP Yoga & Fitness